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Rural Municipality of St. Laurent
P.O. Box 220
St. Laurent, MB  R0C 2S0
Phone: (204) 646-2259
Fax: (204) 646-2705

Our Municipality - Public Works

The Public Works department for the R.M. of St. Laurent consists of one full time foreman, and one full time employee. Some duties performed by Public Works are as follows:
  • Maintenance of Municipal Equipment
  • Grass and Brush Cutting of Ditches, etc.
  • Culvert Maintenance
  • Maintain Municipal Signage for Roads, etc.
  • Road Repairs Such as Hot Patching, and Graveling to Maintain Potholes, etc.
  • Maintain Rest Stop Areas
During the winter months, Public Works may be required to attend to snow blowing and sanding of slippery intersections within the municipality.
The full time Public Works department employee also carries the title of full time Grader Operator, he is tasked with maintaining gravel roads within the municipality during summer months, and snow plowing to ensure road passage during winter months.