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West Interlake Watershed Conservation District

Rural Municipality of St. Laurent
P.O. Box 220
St. Laurent, MB  R0C 2S0
Phone: (204) 646-2259
Fax: (204) 646-2705

Doing Business - West Interlake Watershed Conservation District

West Interlake Watershed Conservation District was formed in July 2008.

The district is located in the western Interlake region along the eastern shores of Lake Manitoba and adjacent to the East Interlake Conservation District.

To date the WIWCD consists of six Municipalities being; Armstrong, Coldwell, Eriksdale,  Siglunes, St. Laurent and Woodlands.
The district covers 4,561 square kilometres and is home to 6,580 residents. The district’s mandate is to deliver incentive programming that supports sustainable land and water management with measurable improvement to watershed health.

The WIWCD offers many programs including:
  • abandoned Well sealing,
  • Well inventory, 
  • Well-head protection,
  • Winter Off-site watering, 
  • surface water monitoring, 
  • Riparian Management Program, 
  • Forage seed assistance, 
  • Sod Seeding Program, 
  • Rain barrels &  Composters,
  • Low-flow toilets rebate,
as well as youth and adult education.

For more information about the District or for program details or applications you may contact the West Interlake Watershed Conservation District  (WIWCD) at 204-762-5850 or Fax# 204-762-5862 or email at .